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Even in Florida where the skies are sunny, the days can drag on. One way that I have been keeping myself sane and my spirits lifted during our period of lock down, is to compartmentalize the day, dividing it into three distinct periods. Upon waking, I put on my exercise gear to walk the dogs and for whatever supplemental athletic activities I will pursue. (See Hilary’s post on her favorite online workout.) I also have a plethora of hand held equipment that I can use for my own workouts. Sometimes I start working without changing, if I think I am going to do something else physical later in the day.

I love to shop J. Crew for all the basics. I found these fun leopard tights. I walk with a fanny pack to hold my phone since I am constantly listening to Audible. Right now, Lady in Waiting. Highly recommend.

Early Morning Dog Walking

Most days, I change into something to work from home and to run errands, wearing compulsory mask and gloves. Lots of calls now are on Zoom and I find a shirt collar to be flattering – big fan of shirtdress. Don’t miss the cutest flats.

Working from home.

But I always change for dinner. Here in the south, I find that bright colors feel just right. But everything you put on must be comfortable and make you feel good – forget that fearful frocks that are tight around the middle – move them to the back or out of the closet completely. This is no time for needless recriminations. Open a nice bottle of wine, sip, repeat!

Dressing up for dinner.

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