With so much time being spent in front of computer and TV screen, it is to easy to get physically stagnant. We shopped Amazon for some ideas to improve health and keep you moving. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to come out of the quarantine in a little better shape?

Keep a mist on your desk and spray away.

This posture reminder is brilliant.

Chic glass set for your work space.

Put one of these under your desk to keep your legs moving.

Or how about a treadmill? Watch the video.

We all have these chairs in the office. Love!

This one has an adjustable height.

Or take a break from sitting with this portable stand up desk. I use this one in the office and it works really well.

There are all kinds of designs on Amazon from portable to permanent. To see the entire collection, go to Amazon Stand up Desks.

And if you have a stand up desk, these two accessories will help with leg and foot fatigue.

I just watched the video and ordered this.

Or you could take it to a whole new level of fitness.

Seriously, I didn’t even know this was a thing.

And another model.

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Karen Klopp advice on fitness working from home.

Please keep healthy and safe!

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