Letter from the Editor

Adam & Meghan Klopp, John and Karen Klopp
Garden Party in Lake Como

Dear Friends, Ah August!  I cannot get enough of the month that smolders with heat and a wave of travel and activities.   I am writing this from Italy where I attended the most memorable wedding in Lake Como – a bucket-list destination that exceeded my expectations.  And now onto Porto Ercole to enjoy days spent swimming in the sea and evenings to relax with friends.  Next stop for Hilary and I is Saratoga Springs and off to the races!  Then traveling to Aspen and Denver for when Packing for Travel takes a western spin. We will also be busy reporting on fall trends and bringing you our collections of wearables for the transition season ahead.  Meanwhile savor this month with its long days and the ease of summer style. 

Dear Friends,  It’s July, my very favorite month of the year – the long days of summer are stretched out ahead to bask in the glorious weather and bounty of the land. Breakfast at Wimbledon makes for delightful coffee and computer  time.  Travel is on the rise – it seems like everyone is going to Europe… Read More

Dear Friends,  As the song says “June is busting out all over” and what a joy to observe nature at its showy best – peonies, lilacs, irises all blooming in profusion.    Writing a What to Wear article for New York Social Diary about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee led us to research all things Queen… Read More

Dear Friends, I am a few days late in May, as I just returned from the sunny south to a terrific week in the city.   Frederick Law Olmsted Luncheon in Central Park is a landmark event to honor the man who is known as the Father of Public Parks.  Read our article Olmsted 200… Read More

Dear Friends,  April brings a sense of renewal and repurpose as symbolized by the sacred celebrations of Passover and Easter.   It is also Earth Month as concerned citizens of the world bring action and attention to preserving natural resources of our fragile planet.  Hilary and I will be shopping sustainably to bring you the… Read More

Dear Friends,  Folklore has it that “March roars in like a lion and exits as meekly a lamb.”  It was dependable as the Farmers Almanac until Global Warming came to bear.  Now March can be a seesaw of temperatures and storms – we will be ready for anything as we shop great trench coats and… Read More

Dear Friends, We’re in the mood for love, especially in February, with Valentines and Galentines galore.  And to make it even more special, granddaughter Louise aka Lulu turns one this month and is coming down south to celebrate!   I sent my darling this LL Bean Sled from our Winter Wonder’s Article – which also… Read More

Dear Friends,  The New Year was especially significant this year as it signaled the end of our bout with omicron and a return to a NYE of joy and celebration.  John and I tested positive about a week prior to Christmas – too many holiday lunches & drinks parties – so we packed Rocky in… Read More

Dear Friends,  This December, all at once, we are both celebratory and circumspect for what lies just ahead.   Omicron is lurking in the shadows and our desire is to blast the lights and expedite its disappearance.   The good news is that covid cases caused by this Scrooge are less serious and life threatening. … Read More

Dear Friends,  November has slipped in with some of the most delicious weather in recent memory.  The city is coming back to life and just in time to celebrate the imminent holidays. We had the pleasure of a few days in London and the countryside (See Packing for the UK) and it was wonderful to… Read More

Dear Friends, It’s October and the city is alive and well – restaurants, museum, galleries and theaters are adding to the excitement of a return to the new normal.  Vaccinations required & masks indoors is a small price to pay to get this town back on track and ready for its close up.  Let’s welcome visitors… Read More