Letter from the Editor

karen klopp and pam taylor model troy london by rosie van cutsem

Dear Friends, Here we are in the merry, scary month of October.    The trees are in high color as are our spirits as we approach the fall season with excitement and anticipation.    It took all of last month to get settled back into our fall routines and now we are ready and raring to get going.   Lunches and dinners with friends, new plays to see, openings of every kind to attend – it is a bit dizzying but great fun.  And we are here, 10 years later to answer the perennial question, “What should I wear!?”  Hilary and I are shopping our top department stores and boutiques to find the best of the new season.  I was recently introduced to Rosie Van Cutsem and her brand, Troy London. Luxury Clothing from City to Country.   The line has a fabulous feminine fit and simple yet stylish details, put this on your MUST-HAVE list for fall. Looking forward to weekends in the country, walking behind the hunt and taking part in all of the Harvest events of the season. Please don’t forget, if you shop through our site, we earn a commission, and donate a portion of it  to our Charity of the Month.   This month, we are celebrating Boy’s Club of New York, BCNY and its 143 years of empowering boys to be competent academically and emotionally, connected to their communities, rich in character, and confident in their futures.  Thank you for staying with us in our ten years since the creation of What2WearWhere.   We enjoy hearing from you.

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karen klopp, hilary dick, valerie steele at christian louboutin boutique, madison avenue

Dear Friends, For once in the last many years, I am ready for September! I think it is the unseasonably chilly weather (yes, I love the high temps) that makes me want to get on with it. There are all of the exciting events upcoming in the season. I hope you saw our article in… Read More

Dear Friends,  August brings a bittersweet feeling as the closing of my favorite season is in site.   But the weather is divine, local produce is abundant and everything seems to slow down a bit, enabling us to savory every last bit of it.   Meals with friends al fresco, polo tailgating, afternoons of swimming,… Read More

Karen Klopp at Westminster School graduation in London

Dear Friends,  Oops July is one third past and I am just putting pen to paper – or rather fingers to keyboard.  July has been a most active month, beginning in London for a graduation, an inaugural trip to Wimbledon and catching up with friends.   The weather was perfect and I clocked 8 miles… Read More

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Dear Friends, June started out with the wedding of my eldest son Adam, so much fun and laughter, love and emotions, family and friends. Vivid and wonderful memories to cherish forever.  As the wedding took place at Coral Beach Club in Bermuda where John and I honeymooned almost 36 years ago, it held even more… Read More

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Dear Friends, May is chock full for all of us with graduations, weddings and tons of other delightful events to attend.  I am travelling to Morocco this month and cannot be more excited for the adventure with friends. With the wedding of my son Adam in Bermuda on June 1st, it is a happy and… Read More

Hudson Yards, kathy prounis

Dear Friends,  Happy April, no fooling!    Having spent a good deal of the winter in the south, I am looking forward to returning to the city this month.  Already the calendar is gearing up with lots of things to do and go to. A trip to the newly opened Hudson Yards is on the top of the list.… Read More

Dear Friends,   I have been mostly down south this winter and thus the arrival of March, usually heralded with great fanfare as turning a corner into spring, has lost some of its seasonal significance. As fairly a newby into this snowbird status, I am still trying it on for size.   There is something wonderful about… Read More

Dear Friends,   I feel like I am cheating on my friends up north, as I have parked myself in Wellington with the dogs, missing much cold and nasties. I must say that I love the outdoor life that this climate affords. Meanwhile Hilary is covering New York Fashion Week slipping in slush, running to shows and dodging between flu… Read More

Dear Friends,  I just returned from a heavenly holiday with close friends, bobbing in the sea aboard a sailing boat in the French West Indies.   John and I hadn’t experienced such a laid back sojourn in years. Nothing but the brilliant blue sky and seas, punctuated by cottony white clouds and billowing sails.  The luxury of time… Read More

Dear Friends, Ah December!  The most delightful and stressful month of the whole year.   So many gifts to source, people to see, things to do and oh, don’t forget to have the merriest time, laughing all the way.  Um, tough to achieve. This month I am concentrating taking care of myself – working out, body brushing,… Read More