Letter from the Editor

John and Karen Klopp, Polo field.

Dear Friends, No fooling, April has arrived and with it the promise of the season in all its glory. For those of us who have wintered in the south, it is a bittersweet time of saying goodbyes and packing up.  From our northern friends, we hear of beautiful days and signs of spring in every corner.  April calendars are chock-a-block with gatherings that will send us shopping for all the new trends and presenting the best of them.  There is great excitement for the great eclipse and its Path of Totality, happening on April 8.  The event is a rare opportunity for a communal celebration with each other and our neighbors north and south.  On April 9th, the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children NYSPCC.  We support this significant organization as our Charity of the Month.   xxookk

Dear Friends, March Madness is here – not referring to the tournament but to the flurry of activities taking place this season – the Whitney Biennial, lunches, book parties, gallery openings, galas, and spring break travel far and wide.  We will be ready for it all  as we shop for stylish trench coats and blossoming spring… Read More

Dear Friends, we’re in the mood for love, especially in February, with Valentine’s and Galentine’s galore. Coming up this month we will be posting on events both north and south as Hilary braves it out in the city and KK holds down the fort in Wellington. The calendar is chock a block with activities and… Read More

Dear Friends, January brings a sense of relief of surviving the holidays in good health and spirits.  As we make our way south for the majority of the winter season, I find myself eager to take on new mental challenges, and physical activities like tennis & golf .  It is such fun to embrace the season… Read More

Dear Friends, December is here in all its glory!  Breathtaking decorations abound while the lilt of seasonal tunes escalates the  excitement.  Social life is in full swing and the cause for great cheer – lunches, cocktails, dinners, hooray1    Company parties are also here with great gusto – don’t miss our post on Do’s and Don’ts. … Read More

Dear Friends,  November is my favorite landscape of the year and in it the wonderful celebration of Thanksgiving. Hilary and I will be shopping for all things warm and wonderful and starting to compile our gift lists for Christmas.  As a legendary last minute shopper, I am determined to beat the crowds this year.  November… Read More

Dear Friends,  October is a stunning month – in both the vibrant shades that flame the trees to the abundance of events that crowd our calendars.   As the temperature drops, it is time to peek into your closets and take inventory of your fall fashion needs. Hilary and I will be shopping nonstop for… Read More

Dear Friends, As September slips in and the days of summer are numbered, I am always of two minds at this time of year, one is a melancholy mood that my most favorable season is on the wane, the other is the excitement of “getting back to it” and hitting the ground running.   The month… Read More

Dear Friends, Glass half empty or half full?   I am going with the latter as we have the entire languid month stretching out ahead.   I cannot get enough of the month that smolders with heat and a wave of sensational soirees. I just returned from a spectacular destination wedding in Deer Valley relishing… Read More

Dear Friends,  It’s July, my very favorite month of the year when we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, this year our 40th, our great nation, and the long days of summer stretching out ahead.  Breakfast at Wimbledon makes for delightful coffee and computer time.  And the garden is bursting with fresh lettuce and vegetables creating simple and… Read More

Dear Friends,  “June is busting out all over” and what a joy to observe nature at its showy best – peonies, lilacs, irises all blooming in profusion. I am thrilled to be back in NYC with all of its vibrancy and going to take advantage of the city’s new activities like CityPickle, and vow to visit… Read More