Letter from the Editor

Karen Klopp at Westminster School graduation in London

Dear Friends, 

Oops July is one third past and I am just putting pen to paper – or rather fingers to keyboard.  July has been a most active month, beginning in London for a graduation, an inaugural trip to Wimbledon and catching up with friends.   The weather was perfect and I clocked 8 miles of walking a day, while tubing all over town. Hilary is gearing up for the 2019 12 Metre Championship in Newport – you can read about it in our New York Social Diary article.  The rest of the summer we will be working on answering queries from friends who are traveling this summer, while fitting in some enjoyment of the most glorious season of the year. My goal is to hit at least one museum a week, have a picnic in the park, and go places I have never been.   Our Charity of the Month is The Samuel Waxman Cancer Foundation, there big event, The Hamptons Happening is a terrifically fun and important fundraising event.   Wherever the season takes you, have a safe and an interesting one.

karen klopp

karen klopp, adam klopp, john klopp

Dear Friends, June started out with the wedding of my eldest son Adam, so much fun and laughter, love and emotions, family and friends. Vivid and wonderful memories to cherish forever.  As the wedding took place at Coral Beach Club in Bermuda where John and I honeymooned almost 36 years ago, it held even more… Read More

karen klopp, john klopp

Dear Friends, May is chock full for all of us with graduations, weddings and tons of other delightful events to attend.  I am travelling to Morocco this month and cannot be more excited for the adventure with friends. With the wedding of my son Adam in Bermuda on June 1st, it is a happy and… Read More

Hudson Yards, kathy prounis

Dear Friends,  Happy April, no fooling!    Having spent a good deal of the winter in the south, I am looking forward to returning to the city this month.  Already the calendar is gearing up with lots of things to do and go to. A trip to the newly opened Hudson Yards is on the top of the list.… Read More

Dear Friends,   I have been mostly down south this winter and thus the arrival of March, usually heralded with great fanfare as turning a corner into spring, has lost some of its seasonal significance. As fairly a newby into this snowbird status, I am still trying it on for size.   There is something wonderful about… Read More

Dear Friends,   I feel like I am cheating on my friends up north, as I have parked myself in Wellington with the dogs, missing much cold and nasties. I must say that I love the outdoor life that this climate affords. Meanwhile Hilary is covering New York Fashion Week slipping in slush, running to shows and dodging between flu… Read More

Dear Friends,  I just returned from a heavenly holiday with close friends, bobbing in the sea aboard a sailing boat in the French West Indies.   John and I hadn’t experienced such a laid back sojourn in years. Nothing but the brilliant blue sky and seas, punctuated by cottony white clouds and billowing sails.  The luxury of time… Read More

Dear Friends, Ah December!  The most delightful and stressful month of the whole year.   So many gifts to source, people to see, things to do and oh, don’t forget to have the merriest time, laughing all the way.  Um, tough to achieve. This month I am concentrating taking care of myself – working out, body brushing,… Read More

Dear Friends, Welcome to November one of the most productive periods on the calendar.  Energized by the chill and the end of daylight savings time, we hunker down to enjoy the early darkness and the sense of winter on the horizon.  At What2WearWhere we are busy with what-to-wears for the upcoming holidays. Who doesn’t adore… Read More

Dear Friends,  I feel that I barely caught my breath last month and we are already starting October.  It is one of the best months – for the weather, the turning leaves and settling into a routine of work and play.   The new look on the site is finally installed and while we are still tweaking… Read More

Dear Friends,   I say this every Labor Day because it true.  The start of September feels more like the the New Year than January 1. There is an exhilaration surrounding the upcoming season of openings, art shows, reconnecting with friend and beginning new projects.   There is a sense of “getting back to it” even if… Read More