While shopping at Saks.com for last week post on Floral Frocks, I came across several of these pretty kimonos. They immediately caught my eye because of the appeal as “comfort dress”. In these highly difficult days, I am craving something soothing to wear, just as dinners have consisted of favorite comfort foods. (see recipe below). These pieces are elegantly versatile. You can belt and wear as a robe, or with black leggings and camisole, or jeans and tee shirt. And when this siege it over – and it will be – you can glam your swimsuit with a fabulous cover up.

Celest and Chrissy Rault

When Celeste Rault’s daughter Chrissy was engaged, Celeste held a gorgeous shower at the River Club. Each guest was asked to send a recipe and they were made into a marvelous book and presented to Chrissy. Brilliant idea. Here is what I submitted.

Chrissy, We have had many cozy nights at your mother’s table. She was the inspiration for this menu. With love and hugs. KK


Cheaters Coq Au Vin à la Costco, Wild Rice Pilaf, Grilled Truffled Asparagus, Salad with Brussels Sprouts, and Dried Cranberries.

INGREDIENTS: All available at Costco

Chicken: package boneless natural chicken breasts,  approximately ½ breast per person, bag of Costco bacon bits, 1 or 2 cartons of chicken broth, red wine, 1 or 2 packages of frozen pearl onions, drained and defrosted, sliced mushrooms, butter, jar of chopped garlic, salt and pepper, flour, fresh thyme

2 boxes of wild rice pilaf

fresh asparagus, truffle oil or truffle salt

2 or 3 bags Costco salad with brussel sprouts and cranberries, honey mustard, white wine or balsamic vinegar, olive oil

CHICKEN RECIPE:  Saute 2 tbs butter, bacon bits, 2 tablespoons garlic. Set aside in large pot.   Cut the chicken breasts in quarters, or smaller if it is for a buffet, dredge in seasoned flour.   Add more butter to the saute pan and brown the chicken on all sides, not necessary to cook through.   Put into pot.

Add 2 cup of red wine to the pan to deglaze saute pan.   Stir to remove browned bits and add to pot, along with a container of chicken broth and a few cups of red wine. Cover, and reduce heat to simmer. Cook for about 30 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.   Remove chicken from pan and reduce the sauce, on high heat to the desired consistency. Lower heat add the chicken back in.  

Meanwhile saute sliced mushrooms in butter add drained onions, saute briefly and add to the pot.   Cook for an additional 10 minutes. Add fresh thyme. Serve. This dish also freezes well.

WILD RICE PILAF:  cook according to package directions.

ASPARAGUS:   Spray grill pan with non stick spray, heat to med high, trim asparagus on the diagonal, turning when almost charred.  Remove from pan, sprinkle with truffle salt and pepper, or drizzle with Truffle oil. These can be done ahead of time as they are just as good at room temperature.  Do not overcook.

SALAD:  Put salad in a bowl, add the accoutrements.  Don’t use the dressing enclosed. Make this vinaigrette instead.  Adjust quantities, based on number of people. Mix 2 tbs of Honey Mustard with ½ cup of white wine or white balsamic vinegar,  mix well, add 1 ½ cups of olive oil, salt and pepper and whisk, if too thick, add a bit of water and whisk. Taste and correct.  


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