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Karen Klopp shares her favorite Do it Yourself Beauty Items from Amazon.
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I have heard jokes flying around about, not being able to get out to the salon, and discovering everyone’s real hair color.   Well, that is just not going to happen under our watch! March yourself right to the drugstore (wearing plastic gloves, of course), or click below to stock up on our fave home remedies – that right DO IT YOURSELF!  

First is HAIR COLOR.  I like L’Oreal.   It is very easy to apply, just follow the directions inside the package.   How to pick your shade?    Find the girl on the box that most closely resembles the color that you would like.

Karen Klopp shares her favorite Do it Yourself Beauty Items from Amazon.

You can follow directions for overall color which is actually easier. I just touch up the roots.  You will need lots of long hair clips. Separate the hair into 3 sections in front (top, left, right) and 6 sections in the back (left high, left middle, left low, ditto on the right). Start in the front sections. Undo the clip, run a bead of color at the part, rub with gloved finger. Take a comb and make another part, about 1/2 away and apply again. Reclip the sections to keep them organized. Follow the directions for timing. Make sure to rinse well.   

If you want to add a few highlights,  wait until your hair is dry and mix up a batch of  Cream Highlighter.  You don’t really need to use the cap,  just paint the streaks on with a QTip or small paint brush.   Wait about 10 minutes and remove the goop from one strand to see if it has sufficiently highlighted. Remember, you can always add more so don’t go overboard the first time.  Don’t forget the small hairs around your face. If you wear your hair up, loosen some strands from the back of your head and apply highlights.

Or if you just have a few grays to cover, this spray might work well for you. 

Karen Klopp shares her favorite Do it Yourself Beauty Items from Amazon.

Or a 10 minute plan

You can also pencil a little color to your roots. 

Next up, HAIR REMOVAL – no need to go Neanderthal.   To creme, shave or wax, you choose

Another treatment you might consider is EYEBROW AND EYELASH DYEING.

Last but not least,  HANDS AND FEET. What a mess mine are!

While researching the ad campaign for Clairol, I came across this delightful article about the woman who created it.

Shirley Polykoff, the woman who created the Clairol Campaign, Is it true blondes have more fun.

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