the scupt society

During this stressful and anxious time I, like many of you, have turned to exercise as a way to clear my head… and take up time in my day ..besides eating and virtual cocktails!

There are so many wonderful online options available to do at home. And many of them are offering free trial periods. My personal favorite is, I am currently doing the Morning Meltdown 100. The classes are only thirty minutes max and are different every day. is another great one and many friends of mine are trying

If you prefer yoga, and are streaming free online classes. And for those of you who are members at they are sending a daily check-in email that includes tips and advice and amazing free online classes.

For other options check out our friends at Style of Sport. They write about them here And of course the best exercise is to get outside and take a walk, run or bike ride . . . good for the soul and the heart. Stay safe and be healthy!

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