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Last chilly day at Mashomack Polo

Dear Friends,  October is a stunning month – in both the vibrant shades that flame the trees to the abundance of events that crowd our calendars.   As the temperature drops, it is time to peek into your closets and take inventory of your fall fashion needs. Hilary and I will be shopping nonstop for the new trends while loading up on the basics – cashmere sweaters, cozy jackets, jeans and boots.   With formals, lunches, openings, dinners, and fall travel on the horizon, we are here with chic and stylish options.   Ready to pack?  Find our Packing for Travel Covid Edition  just what you need for the latest and safest way to go – It is chock full of handy packing lists and tips. We were recently introduced to Cancer Cartel at an event at Veronica Beard.  The organization places 100% of raised funds into the hands of women who are diagnosed with cancer, but must choose between food for their families and expensive treatment for the disease.  Please support their efforts.

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