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As Covid-19 continues to occupy our daily lives, we look forward to the good news of the advancement of new & revolutionary vaccines. Now is the time to cautiously plan to travel once again, and we are here to help. During the pandemic, we have been updating Packing for Travel, with a Covid-19 Chapter as a eBook. It is available on, complete with handy links to everything you need to plan your travel safely. It is a gift to yourself, your family and all of the travelistas in your life. As with all of our recommendations, a portion of the profit will be donated to organizations helping women and children. Be well, stay safe, #wearamask, Let’s Go Vaccine!

From the Jetset to Trekset, the Definitive Globe-Trotting Guide

Packing for Travel Covid Edition, Karen Klopp

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New York, New York 

Summer 2022 

“Packing For Travel,” the how-to-travel book trusted by women across the globe and written by lifestyle & packing expert Karen Klopp has digitally released a COVID-19 Special Edition Readers can instantly access guidance on how to navigate and pack for COVID-restricted travel.  From insurance that covers a canceled trip due to rising infection rates, to extra items needed in a carry-on bag, the “Packing For Travel: COVID-19 Digital Edition” is available on ISSUU as an eBook, retailing for $12 .  Media can access for free, see below for a special link if considering using it  as a resource for a story.   

Packing for Travel Covid Edition by Karen Klopp, Lara Glaister

Karen Klopp is the  Founder of, a digital retail boutique and blog that helps today’s busy woman dress for all of life’s events, sports, and travel.  Designed as a travel recipe book of sorts, Packing for Travel is a compendium of essential facts, professional advice and thoroughly-researched packing lists presented in an easy-to-flip-through style  with the destination on one page, and the packing lists, as well as step-by-step guidance, on the opposite page.  

Packing for Travel Covid Edition by Karen Klopp, Lara Glaister

The interactive book is available at ISSUU, and costs $12. 

“While we need to remain cautious and travel safely, we are optimistic that the world will come out of this crisis, open its borders and start welcoming global travelers once again,” says Klopp. “For inspiration and individual growth, there is no substitute for travel – even if solo. It broadens our reach and understanding of our fellow humans and our place on this glorious earth.”

Packing for Travel Covid Edition by Karen Klopp, Lara Glaister

Essential resources are directly linked to from the eBook to sources like the Center for Disease ControlJohns Hopkins University, the US State Department and many other critical resources.   Links also easily connect the reader to the latest tech apps and gadgets, as well as where to buy the necessary travel wardrobe necessities. Some links are affiliate links, garnering the author a small commission, and are appropriately marked in the book for transparency.  A portion of the commission is donated to organizations benefiting women and children.  

Women traveling for business or pleasure, including resort, skiing, cruise, destination weddings, adventure holidays and everything in between, the guide covers all of your packing needs.   With over 150 pages of ready and reliable information and 200 lively illustrations by Lara Glaister,  this book is a must-have for every worldly travelista. 

Packing for Travel Covid Edition by Karen Klopp, Lara Glaister

About the Author, Karen Klopp:  With a backdrop of Manhattan and a background as a writer, documentary film producer, life-long conservationist, traveler, board member for various organizations, chair of countless events and wife and mother of three, Karen has participated in almost every kind of event that a woman experiences in her life. It’s with all this fabulous practice that she founded What2WearWhere to save today’s busy women their precious time by eliminating the stress of dressing for life’s events and travel.  From the 100’s of queries received from readers, came the inspiration for Packing for Travel.

 About the Illustrator, Lara Glaister:   Lara Glaister Ferrarone grew up in New York City, where she currently lives. She attended Hobart and William Smith Colleges and after graduation also studied at Parson’s School of Design. Always having an urge to channel her creative side, Lara started out in the Contemporary Art world and has since moved on to work in both fashion and media design. Her outlets from city-life include philanthropy and dancing to live music, preferable wearing a feath- ered-headdress in a sari surrounded by palm trees. Please view more of her artwork at and on instagram @lara_illustrates.


About What2WearWhere: A digital retail boutique and blog that helps today’s busy women dress for all of life’s events, sports, and travel. Site visitors can feel good about their purchases as W2WW donates a portion of its retail commissions to charities that help women, children, and the environment. The site is a synthesis of the latest looks and trends compiled by Karen Klopp, Fashion Editor, Hilary Dick and their stylish friends and editors who have come together to answer the eternal question, “What should I wear?!”

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