Karen and John Klopp at Old Downton Estate

Dear Friends,  November has slipped in with some of the most delicious weather in recent memory.  The city is coming back to life and just in time to celebrate the imminent holidays. We had the pleasure of a few days in London and the countryside (See Packing for the UK) and it was wonderful to be traveling across the pond once again.  London is bustling – everyone is back in the office, out and about at restaurants, clubs, and on the street.  Hilary and I are in full swing to bring you the best of what to wear to navigate and celebrate the upcoming season.  Where are you off too?  Send us your destination and we will send you one of our stylish Personalized Packing Lists.  And speaking of packing, please remember Packing for Travel Covid Edition is available as an eBook on Issuu.com.  This month we are proud to partner with Hope for Depression Research Foundation as our Charity of the Month.   Find out the latest research into this widespread disease. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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