The Klopp’s Christmas Card

Dear Friends, 

The New Year was especially significant this year as it signaled the end of our bout with omicron and a return to a NYE of joy and celebration.  John and I tested positive about a week prior to Christmas – too many holiday lunches & drinks parties – so we packed Rocky in the car and drove south to isolate.   Family plans cancelled, extensive decorating and menu planning abandoned, we hit 95 South with a vengeance.  Unlike our leisurely road trip of a year ago, featured in New York Social Diary, this time there was no stopping for fun and visiting friends.  For 2022, we look forward to a new energy and purpose and a belief that Covid can finally be contained and overcome.  My New Year’s promise is to try something new in 22 – Brazilian dancing, scuba license, an in-person class?  What’s yours?  Wishing you health and prosperity in the upcoming year.

Karen KLopp, Editors Letter January 2022

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