What are the Fall 2022 Shoe Trends? Look no further, we have collected the cream of the crop to shop for fall shoes. Wether you are a “Comfy Shoe” or a “Dress Up” gal or a little of both, start shopping for the best in fall shoes.

Best new shoes for fall 2022.   Karen Klopp, fashion advice.

1.  Comfy Shoes – Fall is back to the city feeling the intense energy you find from walking – life on the street – nothing like it! If you missed our article all about sneakers, you can read it here. NYSD Sneaking up on Summer but here are some different looks for dashing about. This collection is varied in the shape & style but united in the ease they provide. If your city shoes are leather soled, take them to a cobbler and have thin rubber soles attached – so much better for your bones.

2.  Clogs   Ever since I spied a pair of Gucci Clogs in Italy this summer, I have been obsessed with finding just the right pair at the right price. I remember the 80’s trend fondly and am looking forward to a bit of lift and comfort. To see the entire Saks.com collection, click here.

3. Something Pink. Barbiecore is here to stay – it is a happy, nostalgic style that transcends discord. Hot pink is just fabulous with everything, but especially as a punch with a Little Black Dress or a sleek suit that are in vogue right now. For the entire collection of posh pink shoes click here.

4.   Statement Stilettos.    Go ahead, give your feet a party in these evening beauties. Everything is trending sparkle this season right down to your toes, so be sure to strap on a pair and hit the town dancing.

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