Workout clothes that work out for you? Sounds too good to be true, but we went to Reebok for their new EasyTone Apparel Collection, an innovative performance line that uses Resistone bands that create resistance as you move. Designed to tone and strengthen key muscles in your legs and butt, EasyTone bottoms can be worn to work out or as everyday clothing. There is such a fabulous selection of footwear from flip flops to boots to the new RunTone running shoe,  all designed with muscle-toning technology.  With our New Year’s Resolution of getting into better shape, we will take all the help we can get!

Toning Clothes

Top to Bottom: Toning Footwear, Printed Long Bra Top ($20), Winter Novelty Full Zip Hoodie Jacket ($35), EasyTone Long Bra Top ($55), Microfleece Jacket ($30), EasyTone Pant ($80), Traintone Slimm ($100), EasyTone Short Sleeve Top ($55), EasyTone Flip Flop ($40), EasyTone Freestyle Hi ($110), EasyTone Passion ($130)

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