Karen Klopp & Ann Colley wearing masks at the Southampton Art Center
With Ann Colley at the Southampton Arts Center

Dear Friends, 

With great vigor, we are celebrating fall with the arrival of October!   The chill is in the air, the leaves are starting to explode with extraordinary brightness.  Restaurants are finally seating indoors, schools are open, streets are bustling and we are ready for a fresh start.   Optimism abounds, except in politics – not going there.  This is usually the season for every kind of arts opening, previews and performances, cocktail parties and galas but not this year.  With good old Yankee ingenuity we are changing our expectations and rethinking social involvements.    This week I went to a gallery – by appointment only, attended a dinner and outdoor movie and even climbed to a rooftop for cocktails with friends.  Cautiously, carefully we navigate our way in, around and through this pandemic which has hurt so many and cost so much.   Stay safe!

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