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For those of you who wouldn’t miss an episode of  Sex and the City, the breakthrough series that defined urban lifestyles over a decade ago, based on the book of the same name by Candace Bushnell.     The show follows the lives of a group of four women through their different worlds and ever-changing sex lives.  The hands down stars of the show were Carrie Bradshaw, played brilliantly by Sarah Jessica Parker, and her seductive stilettos.   Sarah Jessica Parker recently launched a line of high quality Italian shoes, exclusively at NORDSTROM. Unlike her character’s bank breaking taste on Sex and the City, SJP’s line features “affordably luxurious” shoes ranging from $195 to $485. Browse the star’s new shoe line at The New Sarah Jessica Parker Collection at Nordstrom.

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SJP “Brigitte” Sandal / SJP “Carrie” T-Strap Pump / SJP “Jill” Sandal

SJP “Billie” Suede Flat / SJP “Leslie” Sandal / SJP “Wallace” Sandal 

SJP “Slim” Peep Toe PumpSJP “Maud” Sandal / SJP “Bobbie” Sandal 

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