We all like to get a little kooky on Halloween and none is creepier than the matriarch of the Addams family, Morticia Addams. Her vampish looks complete with pale skin and long black hair are totally fun to mimic.  She loves to seduce her husband, Gomez Addams, by speaking french and can be found snipping the buds off of roses and arranging the stems in vases around their spooky mansion.  Simply slip on this neck plunging dress, black wig, sexy thigh-high fish-nets and black lace pumps to get into the goth mode.  We added some cobweb-like lace jewelry and a spiked bracelet with a rose petal clutch.  Wednesday Addams claims that Morticia wears baking powder for make-up yet we threw in a Goth/Punk make-up kit with black lace nail stickers to complete the look.  Don’t forget your pruning scissors to deadhead this “pleasant” bouquet of roses.

Left to Right: Black Wig ($8.70), Goth Make-Up Kit ($35), Suspender Fish-net Tights ($24), Topshop Cape Maxi Dress ($145), House of Harlow Lace Pumps ($198), Teardrop Earrings ($62), Topshop Red Ruffle Clutch ($62), Black Lace Nail Stickers ($14), Lace Cocktail Ring ($30), Cecilia de Bucourt Spike Bracelet ($121), Fake Red Rose Bouquet ($27.99)

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