Karen Klopp, the hat lunch, central park
Back to the future, 2018!

Dear Friends, May is upon us with a revival of life back to the way it will become for now.  I am thrilled to return north to experience the best that the city has to offer.  Life on the street, observations of nature, the dogs, the wee ones on their way to school, and dining tables on Madison that create a Parisian vibe.  Not to channel Pollyanna, I understand the deep challenges that face our fair town.  I will look for ways to be part of the solution and will become active in our mayoral race which is so critical for the future well being of every New Yorker.   On the good news front – the Central Park Conservancy “Hat Lunch” is back, safely distanced and spread over two days and throughout the park.  Hilary and I will be shopping for this as well as graduations, and other everyday and special events.  This month, we are proud to partner with Red Sneakers for Oakley, created after the death of Oakley Debbs, to educate the worldwide population about the danger of food allergies.  Celebrate May 20th and break out your red in tribute!

Karen Klopp, KK

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