Back in NYC, hunkered down, working from home has given me a whole new perspective on lounge wear. I have never been a sweat or track suit fan, but Covid has me thinking otherwise. Designers have jumped on the comfort band wagon in droves and there are some great new twists on at home wear. I particularly like the matching sets, why not go all in! Velour, cashmere, cotton, they come in every fabric. I have definitely been seeing a lot of the short and tank combo, with oversize sweaters. And I couldn’t resist this cozy boucle tank by SKIMS,  it also has shorts to match if you so choose .. and the designer.. Kim Kardashian. But, even though I may have a new found appreciation for the look, you won’t find me in lounge where any where.. but home.

Hilary Dick pick the best fashionable cosy covid wear while staying safe at home.

left to right: Skin Beige Velour Hoodie $78 / Skin Velour Track Pants $72 / Port & Pair Shearling-Lined Slippers $240 / Skin Knit Boucle Tank-Bone $52 / Skin Cashmere Blend Cardigan $250 / Skin Ribbed Cotton And Cashmere Shorts $190 / Norma Kamali Convertible Mélange Mini Dress $155 / Allude Hoodie And Track Pants Set $1130 / Skin Alpaca Blend Cardigan $325 / Ninety Percent Pink Cotton Jersey Hoodie $175 / Ninety Percent Pink Jersey Track Pants $165 / Adidas Original Leather and Suede Sneakers $120

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