Karen Klopp pick the best Little Black Dresses for spring.

I have been spending a great deal of time in the southern clime this year and while I adore some of my brightly colored frocks, all of a sudden I am craving a Little Black Dress – LBD for short. I am not sure what happened to all of mine, well actually I do. Being up a few, has caused me to rethink all of the standbys in the closet, as in, THEY DON’T FIT!!! There I said it and I feel better, but to really be at optimal style, I need to go shopping ASAP!

So many of the dresses today are either Mini or Maxi and neither one is exactly right for me. So for the Minis – I have the hems let down and for the Maxis, take them up. As you have heard this advice many times on W2WW, most pieces need to be tweaked a bit for optimal fitting, so figure an alteration into the purchase price.

LBD’s under $500

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