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Boys Club New York

Dear Friends, 

As we head into June, and vapid covid vapors are finally lifting, we look forward to getting out a bit, strange as it might seem to some.  Hilary and I wondered if we should continue our work as the country is facing a new and deeper challenge.   We are sensitive to and support the need for change.    But W2WW is what we do and we are going to continue – hopefully providing a needed diversion.   We have been busily shopping for things to get you through the summer in comfort and style.   Bathing suits, backyard games, white jeans and much more.  Please write and tell us what you are looking for and we will get back to you with some sensational selections.  Looking forward to the time when we can travel again, meanwhile look for articles on road trips and close to home camping.   

Our Charity of the Month is the Boys Club New York, who for 143 years has fulfilled the vision that all boys are competent academically and emotionally, connected to their communities, rich in character, and confident in their futures.   Please be generous to BCNY and all of your personal organizations that badly need our assistance.   Stay safe!



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