Halloween Maleficent Move over Angelina, make way for a new, beautifully villiainous, Maleficent, the self proclaimed “Mistress of all evil!”  So many years have passed, since a wicked wind threw Maleficent, uninvited, upon the christening of the innocent Princess Aurora.  Her heinous, heartless spell cast on to the young girl, created the long slumbering Kingdom of Sleeping Beauty.  You will love this dangerously flattering costume, that begins with a perfect Nicole Miller gown, to wear in  endless ways.  This version takes on a evil twist with the addition of menacing horns, a threatening staff, and luscious lips of blood red.  Work your own magical powers over all that you command on this night of mystery and mayhem.


For more information and to purchase, please click on the links.   Nicole Miller Laurence Heavy Jersey Gown $495   /   Disguise Women’s Disney Maleficent Movie Maleficent Deluxe Horns $57.53   /   Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color, Ruby Rush $50   /   Folkmanis Mini Raven $8.10   /   Disguise Women’s Disney Maleficent Movie Adult Maleficent Staff $39.95   /   Home Victorian Neon Lace Ribbon Necklace Chocker Bib Necklace Crochet Collar $7.50   /   Rubie’s Costume Full Length Fabric Cape $6.99

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