Letter from the Editor

Karen and John Klopp with dog, Rocky

Dear Friends, It’s beginning to look a lot like the Holidays!   Miracle on Madison is back and available both for in store and phone in shopping.  So don’t miss a chance to have your holiday purchases benefit The Society Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center MSK KIDS. This year more than ever, the shops need our support.   With the light of a vaccine on the horizon, we are ever hopeful for the end of pandemic pandemonium.   I think most of us have found silver linings in the covid clouds.  Spending time with family and close friends, cooking, reading or listening, and Zooming all the way.  For me it was a chance to train our beloved Brittany, Rocky.   All summer long, several times a week, he learned from the master, Dan Lussen.  Now that the season is here we have an opportunity to take him out to the field.  It is both exhilarating and touching.  For mental health and wellness, there is no  substitute for fresh air.  Wishing you and your loved ones a holiday filled with joy and meaning and the great outdoors!

Karen Klopp signature xxookk

Dear Friends, November blows in with a gust of wind and perhaps winds of change! Whatever the outcome in the 2020 Presidential Election, the upcoming days are sure to be an instructive lesson in civic engagement. Stay tuned! For our small part in stimulating the woeful corona economy, Hilary and I will continue to present our curated collection of wonderful things.

With great vigor, we are celebrating fall with the arrival of October! The chill is in the air, the leaves are starting to explode with extraordinary brightness. Restaurants are finally seating indoors, schools are open, streets are bustling and we are ready for a fresh start. Optimism abounds, except in politics – not going there.

Lily Darwin, Rebecca Darwin, Karen Klopp

Dear Friends,  This year the summer seemed to pass by in a flurry while in a corona haze of sameness and virtual monotony.   I am anxious to get back to life in the city and a routine that resembles life prior to this insidious disease.  For our part, Hilary and I will be scouting… Read More

Dear Friends, August brings a mixed bag of feelings.   It usually signifies the end of summer and the back-to-work mindset that is exhilarating.  But with the uncertainty swirling around us, the heady anticipation of the season is somewhat elusive.  Nonetheless,  after Labor Day  Hilary and I are planning to jump back into city life with… Read More

John and Karen Klopp wearing masks

Dear Friends, July brings a smattering of lifted spirits and cautiously opening doors to our months long shut down.  Signs of hope are in the air and on the streets and we are ready.  As waves of unrest sweep over our nation, we are hopeful for a more enlightened future.  This is the summer of the… Read More

Dear Friends,  As we head into June, and vapid covid vapors are finally lifting, we look forward to getting out a bit, strange as it might seem to some.  Hilary and I wondered if we should continue our work as the country is facing a new and deeper challenge.   We are sensitive to and support… Read More

Dear Friends,  May has arrived, filled with hope and expectation for the lifting of corona demands, and getting back to our lives in the “new normal.”   Face masks, gloves, thermometers, social distancing, l will gladly comply to reunite with friends, family and colleagues.  I am not going to comment on “the good” to come out… Read More

Dear Friends, When I write my monthly letter, I usually look back at the previous years to see what was going on.   But April 2020 doesn’t resemble the past and never will. I am in Florida with John and in the scheme of things, it is not the worst place to be sequestered.   But… Read More

Karen Klopp, Pam Taylor, Palm Beach

  Dear Friends, March Madness is upon up and not just for the NCAA. It is a vibrant transitional month as the worst of winter’s woeful weather is mostly behind us and we look forward to welcoming the earliest shoots of spring.  This month we are celebrating our beloved St. Patrick’s Day and will be… Read More

Dear Friends,  Yikes!  It is December already.  The merry month is blowing in with a blast of snow, leaving us to inventory our cold weather gear and to start looking forward to our southern sojourn next month.  I like to pick a Christmas Tree as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes are put away. It is… Read More