Karen & John Klopp with their grandaughters, Lulu and Beatrice
White Party in Wellington

I am heading back north after spending several months in the sunny south. I am looking forward to walking the street, the 5th Avenue Bus and catching up on the latest galleries and museums and walking my grand daughters to school. . Which brings up the all important questions.  What to wear?   Since I am on the run quite a bit, I have decided to piece together a “uniform” both chic and simple. This are the 10 things on my list.

  1. A Great White Shirt. Anne Fontaine is a perfect combination of form and function. Made from jersey pima cotton with poplin collars and cuffs for a crisp look.

2. New Pair of Jeans. I recently was introduced to Frame by my daughters and the fit is impeccable. Click the link to see all of the styles, but I am going with this boot cut.

3. New Sunnies. Krewe is my go-to for the most flattering styles. Pick a pair that suits your mood.

4. Classic Hermes Belt from THE REAL REAL Nothing more to say!

5. Versatile Knit Jacket. Veronica Beard’s Jackets are just tops in wearability and style.

6. Pair of Kitten Heels. I couldn’t decide on which pair, but take them to the cobbler for a rubber sole to cushion city sidewalks.

7. Spring Bag. It is time for a new everyday bag and I love these fresh selections.

8. Denim skirt. You will see these everywhere this season.

9. New Pashmina. Mine have all disappeared or looking a little tattered from my naughty puppy, Dixie. I will splurge on this fabulous neutral.

10. Hoop Earrings. Again, I seem to have misplaced one of every pair in the drawer so investing in these classic hoops.

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