Karen Klopp and family, Columbia University graduation
CBS Graduation Day with Family

Dear Friends,  “June is busting out all over” and what a joy to observe nature at its showy best – peonies, lilacs, irises all blooming in profusion. I am thrilled to be back in NYC with all of its vibrancy and going to take advantage of the city’s new activities like CityPickle, and vow to visit one museum or gallery per week.  June is a chaotic transition month with schools out, camps book, families heading out of the city for summer travel.  Hilary and I will keep sending our savvy fashion advice as we comb the shops for the latest & greatest in seasonal styles.   Summer is here and we plan to get every shimmering drop of sun and fun we can.   Planning travel?   Here is a complementary link to Packing for Travel, chock full of travel tips and packing list to help you on your way!   xxookk

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