Best puffer coats for winter by Karen Klopp

What to wear in winter? It simply wouldn’t be January without an article on Puffer Coats, the most wonderful invention for winter since snowballs!     Thank you Mr. Puffer or whoever was behind this most versatile and cozy layer for traveling or navigating the cold and nasty winter weather.  And the lighter shades are perfect for a cold snap in spring or in the south, as we have experienced this year in the Sunshine State. I prefer the ones nipped in at the waist to give a gal a little shape and nothing better for winter travel to wear on the plane to snuggle under or roll up as a great big pillow. As I shopped for these, many others were sold out so now it the time to stock up for this season and many more to come.

Under $500

Under $1000

Over $1000

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