Karen Klopp, Hilary Dick, Reading Room, Saratoga Racetrack

Dear Friends, 

August brings a bittersweet feeling as the closing of my favorite season is in site.   But the weather is divine, local produce is abundant and everything seems to slow down a bit, enabling us to savory every last bit of it.   Meals with friends al fresco, polo tailgating, afternoons of swimming, lots of tennis and still hacking at golf, I intend to make the most of the remaining days.  For what to wear, I simplify my dressing by wearing nothing but white. It feels so fresh, even if you are not near a beach. And of course, it makes Packing for Travel a breeze!   I am planning brief 2 or 3 day jaunts to Martha’s Vineyard, Saratoga and Southampton to hang out with friends. Don’t miss our article on 10 Tips for a Good House Guest. This fall What2WearWhere will celebrate our 10th Anniversary and we are busy cooking up some ideas for celebrating!   Thank you for staying with us through the years and expect some new and exciting things ahead.

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