Dear Friends, When I write my monthly letter, I usually look back at the previous years to see what was going on.   But April 2020 doesn’t resemble the past and never will. I am in Florida with John and in the scheme of things, it is not the worst place to be sequestered.   But feeling heartbroken with all of the pain and uncertainty that the spread of this disease has caused. It cannot be calculated at this point. Hilary and I considered taking a break from our posting and bi-weekly newsletter in the face of all the misery, but this is what we do. So we are both working from our homes to bring you a little diversion, whether we cheer you up with some bright spring florals, or bring the best web workouts and bridge lessons. We will be here hopefully to brighten your day a bit.   This is a wonderful time to examine the forbearance of our country’s founders, with a title from our historian treasure, David McCullough,  or the men responsible for the victory in  World War II, Citizens of London, my all-time best book.   Inspired by them, we will flatten the curve, socially distance ourselves, keep our hands and face clean and look past Corona to the future.    Keeping you all in my prayers.

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