Gigi Benson, Harry Benson, Laurette Kittle, Pam Taylor, Karen Klopp
With Gigi & Harry Benson

Dear Friends,  April brings a sense of renewal and repurpose as symbolized by the sacred celebrations of Passover and Easter.   It is also Earth Month as concerned citizens of the world bring action and attention to preserving natural resources of our fragile planet.  Hilary and I will be shopping sustainably to bring you the latest in renewable fashion.  And we will report on Olmsted 200, a nationwide celebration of Frederick Law Olmsted, legendary landscape architect, author, conservationist and public servant who introduced the concept and design of public parks to this country.  Let’s venture into the great outdoors to embrace the wonders of the natural world. We continue pray for and support freedom for Ukraine.

Karen Klopp, kk

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