Gay Polo League, Karen Klopp, Chip McKenney
With Chip McKenney, founder of Gay Polo League

Dear Friends,  April brings a sense of renewal and repurpose as symbolized by the sacred celebrations of Passover and Easter.   It seems especially meaningful this year as we slowly recover from the endless isolation of Covid. April also celebrates Earth Month as concerned citizens of the world bring action and attention to preserving natural resources of our fragile planet.  Hilary and I will be shopping sustainably to bring you the latest in renewable fashion.  We applaud organizations, reimagining fund raising events in this philanthropic difficult time.   And we will be asking you to join us in support while continuing to keep you up to date in style and design trends.   As you plan your summer travel, we recommend Packing for Travel Covid Edition which is available as an interactive book with all of the links that can help you get on your way safely.  

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