Need a couples Halloween costume?  We decided to create our costume duo around the theme Artist & Muse and none is greater (or more fun) than conveying the ultimate pair:  artist Andy Warhol and American socialite Edie Sedgwick.  These creative characters met in the swinging ’60s at Warhol’s studio dubbed The Factory.  Channel Warhol with a bleached wig and white make-up and wear his signature black turtleneck and jeans look.  Why not make a “happening” out of the evening and snap Polaroids of your friends- and whisper words of Warhol in their ears, “everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”  Model the Mod-look to convey fashion icon Edie’s 60’s style.  Pull on a pixie blonde wig with shoulder sweeping earrings, a suede mini dress, opaque tights and her statement leopard coat.  To complete the look make sure to apply false eyelashes and loads of eyeliner. Blast some tunes from iconic Velvet Underground (after all the banana on their album cover was a Warhol!) and swing!


Left to Right: Adult Andy Warthol Wig ($25), Splendid Ribbed Cotton-blend Turtleneck ($50), Black Baxter Skinny Jeans ($80), Manic Panic Goth White Cream Foundation ($6), Holly Readers Glasses ($14), Nixon The Time Teller Watch ($60), Tallulah Frill Trainers Sneakers ($32), The Andy Warhol Diaries ($80) Polaroid Classic Camera ($169), Crayon in Black Jack ($12),  Pearl Crystal Chandelier ($28), Suede Cutwork Dress ($360), Black Opaque Tights ($12), 60’s Pop Icon Wig ($7), Leopard Coat ($200), Eyelashes Strips ($15), Belle by Sigerson Morrison Suede High Heel Clogs ($240)

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