John & Karen Klopp and son Adam Klopp.  Anniversary Party at Mashomack Polo Club.
John, KK, Adam & our newest Dixie!

Dear Friends,  It’s July, my very favorite month of the year – the long days of summer are stretched out ahead to bask in the glorious weather and bounty of the land. Breakfast at Wimbledon makes for delightful coffee and computer  time.  Travel is on the rise – it seems like everyone is going to Europe this summer.  Hilary is in Saint Tropez celebrating her parents 60th wedding anniversary.  And I am heading to a wedding celebration in Lake Como and on to Porto Ercole for a holiday by the sea.  Don’t forget to read our Packing for Travel Covid Edition.  Even though Covid is hopefully loosing strength, the disease has taught us the wisdom of caution when it comes to our health.   John & I just celebrated our 39th anniversary at a pop up polo party field side, very impromptu and everyone in white – just relaxed summer entertainment – the best kind. Hoping you find you own summer pleasures in safe and interesting way.

Karen Klopp, kk

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