Fashion Fave 5

These are the articles on the web that caught our eye this week.

In the thousands of emails we receive weekly, there are always some articles that stand out or tickle our fancy and deserve passing on to our readers. They can be fashion, arts, entertainment or something totally out of the box, hopefully always amusing or interesting. If you find one you would like to share, please send us an email at

HUFFINGTON POST:  Karen Klopp Packing for a Ski Holiday Illustration by Lara Glaister

Karen Klopp Packing for Travel

TIME MAGAZINE:  Barbie’s Got a New Body

Barbie Dressing for Your Body Type

TOWN & COUNTRY:  Amherst College Changes Its Mascot 

amherst college


VOGUE:  73 Questions with Derek Zoolander Guest Starring Eaddy Kiernan

eaddy kiernan derek zoolander

INSTYLE:  Breathtaking Gowns Couture Fashion Week

couture fashion week

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