Veronique PittmanIn honor of Earth Month, we have chosen Veronique C. Pittman as our W2WW Fashionator this week. Veronique has been a energetic supporter of the environment since her early years as an adventurer, film maker and mountaineer.  Traveling throughout the world, she witnessed on a very personal level the vast ripple effect of the disruption of a fragile ecosystem can cause.  With the Green Schools Alliance , Veronique  has become advocate for sustainable schools.  She is also  also an activist in the areas of indigenous rights, biodiversity conservation, green technologies, discovery learning, and women’s reproductive health.   She has dedicated her life to learning, and in turn educating others on a variety of issues about the natural world and our place in it.   Her columns on Huffington Post report on a multiplicity of local and global environmental topics, ranging from protecting land in Panama, to the concerns of indigenous people in Brazil,  to to New York City schools’ participation of the Green Cup Challenge.

As Trustee of The Rainforest Foundation, Global Goods Partners, and,  sponsor of the American Museum of Natural History, and an Advisory Board member of  the Sustainable Acai Project, Veronique is a master weaver of webs, connecting individuals to each other, to their communities, to the earth. Community organizer striving to bring sustainable, creative, resourceful abundance to the whole.

I try to do the right thing but sometimes it’s still difficult to accurately know the total carbon footprint of an article of clothing.  So if it not clearly an ecological/vintage/organic or hand me down item, I try to buy clothing and accessories that are ethically produced,  fair trade provides opportunities for marginalized communities, or made by people I know.”

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Veronique Pitman

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