Packing for Travel Veronica Beard

I recently ran into Veronica Swanson Beard while on vacation in Florida. We have known each other for quite some time and I have always admired her style. The encounter reminded me to re-visit her web site,VERONICABEARD.COM.  Veronica started a clothing line with her sister-in-law, also named Veronica, in the fall of 2010. Their signature piece is the Dickey Jacket. It is classic with a cool twist and has become a wardrobe staple for busy women. I have chosen some samples here that I particularly like. And the fun part is you can change your look with a quick zip of a dickey. I have just included their jackets . . .  or uniform as the call it . . . but the line has expanded to a chic ready to wear collection that works beautifully in every day life.  I have my eye on their denim flare pants and car coat among many others!

Editors Note:  How fab are these options for travel?  One jacket, many looks.  Can’t wait to shop! kk 

Veronica Beard-2

Top:   Veronica Beard Jackson Peak Label Faux DB Blazer $895   /   Veronica Beard Upstate Dickey $250   /   Veronica Beard Classic Jacket $795   /   Veronica Beard Funnel Dickey $150   /   Veronica Beard Funnel Neck Jacket $845

Bottom:   Veronica Beard Adair Long Back Jacket $795   /   Veronica Beard Ski Turtleneck Dickey $250   /   Veronica Beard Hoodie Dickey $150   /   Veronica Beard Cutaway Jacket $795

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