What to wear tennis, Karen Klopp fashion advice.

I have taken advantage of the covid crisis by playing a great deal of tennis this summer . . . along with every one else. According to Greg Reiss, my favorite tennis trainer and coach at the Millbrook School, “Tennis is enjoying a remarkable resurgence in popularity around the world during the Covid pandemic.  Due to tennis’s natural tendency towards physical distancing, and the fact most courts are outdoors, the sport has an unrivaled appeal right now. Be safe and play tennis!

About this time of the season, my “whites” are looking a little shabby from constant washings, so I went shopping for some new togs. I savor the tradition of wearing white for tennis. Tory Burch Sport was a grand slam. The navy piping provides the right amount of slice.

In June of 2019, I had the opportunity to attend Wimbledon for the first time. It was a delightful experience, just as I had pictured. I was hopeful to return this year but the covid monster put me down in two sets.

Wimbledon Championships at The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, host to this spectacular and historical event that began in 1877.  When women first began to play tennis in the 1860s, heavy materials such as flannel and even wearing a bustle was deemed appropriate.  It was Maud Watson, winner of the first Wimbledon Ladies’ championship in 1884, who popularized the white tennis trend for its perspiration masking capabilities. Wimbledon still request players to uphold this tradition.

This pair is a straight set winner if you are into retro style – so classic!

Speaking of retro, this is the sizzling summer for a strand of Hot Girls Pearls. Keep them in the freezer and they will keep you cool for hours.

What to wear tennis, Karen Klopp fashion advice, Hot Girls Pearls

And then I also went to Amazon to shop. From previous experiences there, I only shop the brands I know. That way your “whites” all look the same shade. Tail is a favorite brand. The tennis totes is a must for keeping organized – hat, visor, mask, towel, sunscreen, water, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, etc.

I recommend these Babolat Tennis Shoes. They have loads of spring and support. The mesh top keeps them cool.

And for a racquet, Greg Reiss recommends this one and several friends have it. PS: Take a sharpie and initial yours.

I am a little picky in picking a sports bra. I don’t like racer backs, or ones that slip over the head. Here are my two top choices from Waacoal. Very comfy and tons of support.

And of course, wear a mask when appropriate. Tory Burch will make no money on these, instead a $10 donation will be divided between two organizations. $5 will be donated to International Medical Corps and $5 will be donated to the Tory Burch Foundation, working to advance women’s empowerment and women entrepreneurs.

what to wear tennis.  Karen Klopp fashion advice, masks Tory Burch

August will again bring the excitement of the US Open Tennis to Flushing Meadow, but alas, sans fans. I keep hoping that they will devise a safe distancing ticket for fans. Fingers crossed!

What to wear, US Open tennis, Karen Klopp fashion advice.
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