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I am celebrating Spring Break with great gusto as my shoulder surgery in June has healed very well and I am just getting back to tennis and golf.   And to mark the occasion,  I went shopping for a few of my favorite styles for the links.

For Golf, I turn to J. McLaughlin.  Love these shorts and they come in some great colors.

Masie Shorts  $128

Also like their skorts with the built in shorts.

Palisades Skort In Island Magic  $168

Like long pants?   These Masie Pants are comfortable and fit really well.   They also have a selection of shades to choose from.

Masie Pants  $158

the ruffled neckline on these Catalina Tops is very flattering.  I like to cover my arms to the sun but the sleeveless style is very much in play.

Durham Sleeveless Ruffle Top In Mega Elsie  $148   /   Durham Ruffle Top In Mega Elsie  $168  Durham Ruffle Top In Mini Sky Maze  $168  /   Durham Sleeveless Ruffle Top In Mega Elsie  $148  

Layering is key for temperature comfort.  I tend to buy neutrals to blend with everything.

Uniqlo Vest

Ralph Lauren Thermal Golf Sweater 

Ralph Lauren Waterproof Jacket 

For shoes, I like Walter Genuin  from Italy, they are a little snappier that most golf footwear.  This neutral is a good look.

Walter Genuin Bianca ON SALE 

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