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I am celebrating Spring Break with great gusto as my shoulder surgery in June has healed very well and I am just getting back to tennis and golf.   And to mark the occasion,  I went shopping for a few of my favorite styles for the links.

For Golf, I turn to J. McLaughlin.  Love these shorts and they come in some great colors.

J. McLaughlin Masie ShortMasie Shorts  $128

Also like their skorts with the built in shorts.

J. McLaughlin Skort, Catalina, Packing for Travel

Palisades Skort In Island Magic  $168

Like long pants?   These Masie Pants are comfortable and fit really well.   They also have a selection of shades to choose from.

J. McLaughlin Masie Pant, Packing for Travel

Masie Pants  $158

the ruffled neckline on these Catalina Tops is very flattering.  I like to cover my arms to the sun but the sleeveless style is very much in play.

J. McLaughlin Catalina Top, J. McLaughlin Durham Top, Packing for travel

Durham Sleeveless Ruffle Top In Mega Elsie  $148   /   Durham Ruffle Top In Mega Elsie  $168  Durham Ruffle Top In Mini Sky Maze  $168  /   Durham Sleeveless Ruffle Top In Mega Elsie  $148  

Layering is key for temperature comfort.  I tend to buy neutrals to blend with everything.

Uniqlo Vest

Uniqlo Vest

Ralph Lauren Thermal Golf Sweater 

Ralph Lauren Thermal Golf Sweater

Ralph Lauren Waterproof Jacket 

Ralph Lauren Waterproof Jacket

For shoes, I like Walter Genuin  from Italy, they are a little snappier that most golf footwear.  This neutral is a good look.

Walter Genuin Bianca ON SALE 

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