Rebecca Darwin, Lily Darwin, Garden & Gun Magazine, Karen Klopp
Lily & Rebecca Darwin under the tree.

Dear Friends, 

This year the summer seemed to pass by in a flurry while in a corona haze of sameness and virtual monotony.   I am anxious to get back to life in the city and a routine that resembles life prior to this insidious disease.  For our part, Hilary and I will be scouting Madison Avenue reporting on what’s new in stores and presenting our collection of shoppables.   When we began it was our intention to,  “Take the guesswork out of dressing,  the legwork out of shopping and the panic out of packing.”   Now more than 10 years later, we remained committed to the contributive concept.   It is also exciting to announce that Packing for Travel, From Jetset to Trekset the Definitive Globe Trotting Guide will be available as an ebook, updated with an extensive chapter of how to travel safely in the Covid-19 pandemic.   Be well, stay safe, be kind.  

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