Karen Klopp, Palm Beach Social Diary, Swifty's Palm Beach, Colony Hotel.
Thank you Christine Schott for the photo. @PalmBeachSocialDiary

Dear Friends,  November blows in with a gust of wind and perhaps winds of change! Whatever the outcome in the 2020 Presidential Election, the upcoming days are sure to be an instructive lesson in civic engagement.  Stay tuned!    For our small part in stimulating the woeful corona economy, Hilary and I will continue to present our curated collection of wonderful things.   We are predicting this month will see an increase of small intimate dinners at home and in restaurants (must open for more than 25% occupancy in order to survive.)   Let’s dress for it!   Thanks to the Gov for finally lifting the mandatory 14 day quarantine when traveling to most other states.  I took the plunge and snuck down to Palm Beach last week – heaven!   Speaking of travel, during the shut down, I have updated Packing for Travel with a chapter on how to travel safely in the age of covid.  Packing for Travel COVID EDITION will launch online on November 16.   Details to follow.  With our beloved American holiday Thanksgiving on the horizon,  I want to express my gratitude to the W2WW family for your support and encouragement throughout this journey.   Be safe, be smart, be kind and #wearadamnmask.  

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