A little over a year ago . . . and we are coming back!

Dear Friends,  I know we have turned a calendar page, but it doesn’t feel like March. Covid has jumbled my sense of timing and protocols.  What I do feel is extreme optimism at last.  Dial back a year ago and the mood was fearful as this “This Thing” loomed large and uncertain.  There was no light, nor tunnel, just mass confusion and way too much  information.  Now we can truly celebrate the rebirth that symbolizes spring.   We will be bringing you the latest fashions and where to wear them!   Fantasized travel plans can be acted upon – don’t miss Packing for Travel Covid Edition which is available as an interactive book with all of the links that can help you get on your way safely.  Spring Break, a phrase which had become slightly perfunctory is now full on its way with delights and destinations.  St. Patrick’s Day, Passover and the anticipation of Easter fill out the calendar with symbols of hope and good fortune.

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