Dear Friends,   I say this every Labor Day because it true.  The start of September feels more like the the New Year than January 1. There is an exhilaration surrounding the upcoming season of openings, art shows, reconnecting with friend and beginning new projects.   There is a sense of “getting back to it” even if you haven’t been anywhere. And between New York Fashion Week and the US Open Tennis Championships, the town is alive with buzz and excitement.  During the month of August, we suspended our newsletter as we were working to revamp What2WearWhere and make it a little more user friendly.   We can”t wait to show it to you but as the renovation is running a little behind so it will be about a week until we unveil the new look.   As we have been writing posts for ten years, we are careful not to lose our archives which are a rich resource for what to wear for all of life’s events and  how to pack for travel. We are here to answer all of your specific destination questions. Our mission now is the same as the day we began, “Let us take the guesswork out of dressing, the legwork out of shopping and the panic out of  packing.”     With best regards for a wonderful and meaningful new season.    

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