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Taking out the trash looking glamorous in Glamorpuss

I am headed to Palm Beach, Florida for Thanksgiving this year. I am never sure of what the weather will be. It can get chilly, for Florida, and I like to pack a light fur just in case. I headed to my favorite spot Glamourpuss NYC, to see what I could find. They always have nice light pieces like these vests that can stand alone or be worn under a coat. I gravitated towards the neutral colors to wear with white and light tropical colors. I love the cream color of the oversized snap sleeve poncho, which is so flattering and forgiving, especially when you have eaten too much turkey . . .   or stuffing in my case. I will definitely feel glamorous in these Florida Furs.

glamourpuss nyc

what to wear palm beach

Cropped Bolero Jacket $1175.  /  Signature Vest $995. / Plush Infinity Scarf $595. / Oversized Snap Sleeve Poncho $895. /  Teluride Bolero. $795.  /  Glam Bolero $995. / Herringbone Jacket $995. /   Cashmere Oblong Scarf $595  

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