Lulu Klopp, Karen Klopp granddaughter

Dear Friends, We’re in the mood for love, especially in February, with Valentines and Galentines galore.  And to make it even more special, granddaughter Louise aka Lulu turns one this month and is coming down south to celebrate!   I sent my darling this LL Bean Sled from our Winter Wonder’s Article – which also contained puffers, furs & faux, and snow boots, stock up before they disappear.   Coming up this month we will be posting on events both north and south as Hilary braves it out in the city.  As the hopeful Omicron is fading into the past and we can finally be optimistic about the year ahead.   Boys Club New York is holding a luncheon in Palm Beach next week, and we are proud to partner with them as our Charity of the Month.   

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