Sallie Giordano Couture Collective This week we are highlighting a friend and Fashionator, Sallie Giordano. Sallie has created, Couture Collective, an invitation-only wardrobe service offering members a curated selection of the most elegant, on-trend and wearable styles each season, at a fraction of their retail prices. A new concept in the fashion industry, fractional ownership offers the convenience of an entirely new wardrobe twice a year, beautifully maintained, and delivered on demand. Frequent travelers to New York never need pack a garment bag again!

As we caught up with Sallie, she was in the midst of getting ready for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and ready to stalk the runway for the latest and chicest in fashion for her upscale clientele.

KK: Sallie just how does your fashion idea work?

SG:  Every fall and spring, Couture Collective hosts a show of our curated collection of  latest fashions to hit the stores.  Knowing our members taste and style gives us an advantage when selecting for them.   Members are invited to come and try on top designers from Valentino and Christian Dior to Stella McCartney and Proenza Schouler.   They then can buy a share in an item at a fraction of the price of retail.

KK:  Interesting, so if your member buys a share how do they go about reserving the dress?

SG:  A share allows a co-owner to reserve five dates at any time on the item’s calendar. If an item is not pre-reserved on a particular date, a share-holder can request it to be delivered the day before she needs it, on a “last-minute” basis, as often as she likes.

KK: And what is the cost?

SG: Shares of an item are purchased for 20% of the retail price.  If a dress is $2000, you can buy a five time use of it for $400. If you amortize that, you pay $80 per wearing, which is quite reasonable.  Our member are women who are very attuned to the upcoming styles.  They go out often, and want to dress in the current season’s styles.

KK:  How do your members track their virtual closets? 

SG: Members  log onto the Couture Collective website to view the current Look Book. All items are listed with their pricing and calendars. Upon purchase of a share or rental, a member may book her dates on the item’s calendar. Her item will be delivered the day before she needs it and picked up the day after.

KK:  So it’s like a having a Social Fashion Secretary.  

SG: Exactly! And Couture Collective also offers select dresses on a one-time basis for special occasions. Hair, make-up and styling services are also available.

KK:  Well, the obvious question – how does one go about becoming a member?  

SG: We are currently accepting new members.  Go to  to begin your fashion partnership with Couture Collective.


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