Mita Bland on an electric bike, millbrook, new york
Ptolemy is not pleased with Mita pedaling off without him

My fit and fab friend Mita Bland was raving about her E-Bike (Electric Bike) so I decided to do a little research into this  latest trend and how to choose an electric bike.   Why not try something new?  Electric bikes are conventional bicycles with a rechargeable battery and a motor to help move you along.   It takes some of the effort out of pedaling –  pedaling assist – yes!  Professional bike tours have been using eBikes for years to aid those less fit savoring the same terroir on the wine trails, while keeping up with the pack

In my research, several biking sources noted Ancheer as a very good brand and it is on the lower end of the price spectrum.

Research & development on the vehicles have achieved great strides in the home market. Longer distance, shorter charging times, farther range and reduced weight has rendered them the fastest growing market in bikes. In all cases, you decide how much exercise vs assistance you would like and off you go.  Mita loves how she can power up the steep hills around her home in the Millbrook countryside, “It really gets your adrenaline going when you realize you can make it to the top of an extremely steep hill.”

Mita Bland on an electric bike, Millbrook, New york
Toly’s wagging tale welcome back.

This one is very appealing, especially with this description.  Please note every new bike has gone through road testing before packing, there may be some dust on the tires.  Yes, I definitely like that! It folds so would be ideal if you are wanting to wander in search of trails and terrain.

Prices for reputable brands run from $500’s up to $5,000. It is an investment in your health both physical and mental.  And lest you think that you are cheating for hoping on the trend, multiple studies have shown that riders with Ebikes tend to spend more time on them and enjoy comparable health benefits to the self peddled variety.  

Your first step is to decide what you want to do on the bike and where you will ride it.   On the road, off-road, city, country?   Mita explained that if your terrain is hilly, you will want to have the suspension in the front of the bike and if you are on the flats, suspension is less important.   Also make sure the battery is removable, which makes sense for ease of charging. Wider tires mean more stability allowing to stray from paved roads and onto more adventuresome trails.  I love the retro look of this one, perfect for putting around South Hampton.

It is time to mention the Step Through vs Step Over. I am dating myself to point out that back in the day women rode Step Throughs and men rode Step Overs. It turns out that there are real differences. The step through is recommended if you are stopping as in city traffic – easier to put your feet down. This will be my choice as it facilitates a quick exit when encountering difficulty. Step Over or Cross Bar models have more strength thus will last longer. They can also be made lighter because of the support.

True confessions?  My current bike is a three wheeler.  The basket in the back makes it very handy for running around on short trips to the store and the like.  Perfect for the faint of heart like me.   Here is my “Trike.” 

So perhaps I should consider this eBike.

And for what to wear while biking, or any other type of travel or adventure, you can refer to Packing for Travel Covid Edition available as an eBook on ISSUU.

Packing for Travel during Covid.  Bike Trips

If you are looking for more in depth info, here is a wonderful article on REI How to Choose an Electric Bike.

How to choose Electric Bike?Electric bicycle, ebike

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