Dear Friends, Ah December!  The most delightful and stressful month of the whole year.   So many gifts to source, people to see, things to do and oh, don’t forget to have the merriest time, laughing all the way.  Um, tough to achieve. This month I am concentrating taking care of myself – working out, body brushing, moisturizing, epson salt tub soaks – every little bit helps to keep you in tip top of your game for this marathon month.   We will go with friends on a boat to St. Barth’s to celebrate the New Year. I am beyond thrilled and will be sharing my packing lists and sources for inspiration. Hilary and I will be offering our gift picks for everyone on your list so stay tuned for some new ideas and some classics.   By the way, Amazon has started shipping “Packing for Travel, From Jet Set to Trek Set, the Definitive Globe Trotting Guide”, along with our W2WW Travel Bags, the set makes a wonderful gift for all the travelistas on your list, and we are selling for a special price of $79.99 for the set. The New York Times Neediest Cases is our Charity of the Month.  When you shop through our site, a portion of our commission will be donated. Wishing you the most blessed of holidays and beyond.

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