Pam Taylor wear a cape by Rosie van Cutsem Troy London Brand.
Pam Taylor Showing Off Her New Cape

Last week Darren Henault introduced me to a line of clothing by Rosie Van Cutsem known as TROY London. We gathered both at Darren’s apartment and on the weekend at Smithfield Farms we had a blast trying and buying the chic fashion, as well as unique jewelry by Whitney Baldwin Designs.

Wearing Troy Jacket and Whitney’s Cuff & Pendant.

TROY London creates elegant designs for the modern woman. Luxury parkas, lightweight coats and waterproof jackets designed for a flattering fit, with fabrics selected for comfort and lasting quality. They are perfect pieces for the Town & Country lifestyle. An investment in dressing at very good price points, and perfect to pack for your fall travel.

Here are some photos of the festive gathering at Darren and Michaels.

Rosie Van Cutsem of Troy London at a party at Darren Henault.
Michael Bassett and Mary Hillard at Troy London party with Rosie Van Cutsem
Darren Henault and Alison Ashton at party for Rosie van Cutsem, Troy London
Rosie van Cutsem, Michael Bassett, Darren Henault, Alison Aston at party for TROY LONDON.
Karen Klopp, Rosie van Cutsem at Troy London party at Darren Henaults.

Then onto Smithfield Farms for the Bacon & Bloodies

Karen Klopp, Smithfield Farm Bloodies & Bacon
Whitney Baldwin Designs jewelry at Karen Klopps
Robbianne Malkin wearing Rosie Van Cutsem Troy London Gilet.
Whitney Baldwin Designs jewelry at Karen Klopps.
Karen Klopp and Pam Taylor wear Rosie van Cutsem Troy London jackets
Whitney Baldwin designs helping Daphne Richards pick a piece of jewelry.
Karen Klopp, Whitney Baldwin, Jonathan Cameron-Hayes, John Klopp
Sad to say goodbye to Whitney & Jonathan

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