Dear Friends,  We are going to take the month of August off from posting our articles and newsletter to update the book, “Packing for Travel, from Jet Set to Trek Set the Definitive Globe Trotting Guide.”  August is a wonderful month to simplify your dressing and stick to an all white theme. It feels so fresh, even if you are not near a beach.  And of course, it makes packing for travel a breeze!  We hope you can kick back, enjoy time with family and friends – before you know it, Labor Day is here and back to the frenzied pace that accompanies the new and fresh season.   But enough future thinking, since June when rushing to a meeting, not looking where I was going, and experienced an intimate encounter with a pothole, I vowed to slow down and be in the moment. How is it working? Well since having surgery, I was forced to do less.  This is not an easy assignment for one who “relaxes” by getting things done. But I am more mindful of my surroundings, especially underfoot. Wishing you find your own R&R in the coming weeks.   Be safe, be well, be happy. 

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