Veronica Beard Fashion Show in Wellington Florida

There is great excitement in Wellington, the Winter Equestrian Capital of the World, as the National Polo Center readies itself for a fantastic luncheon and fashion show with Veronica Beard. The eponymous brand is the design child of Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard who recognized a niche in women’s fashion in designing for today’s multi-tasking lifestyle. Their line is uber chic – think dashing to drop off the little darlings, heading to the office, to a charity luncheon, out for cocktails and home in time to put the wee one to sleep, all the while looking flawlessly put together.

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The two Veronica Beards

We often recommend VB as a go-to for life’s events and travel as they are well priced, appeal to a broad range in ages, and are stylishly sophisticated. For the luncheon I chose 3 looks that can suit your mood – a “working chic” skirt and blouse, a feminine floral frock, and a romantic midi. Accessorize with groovy ball drop earrings, the sunglasses of the season, a trending bag and their spectacular shoe collection.

Jackets are the specialty of the line, introducing innovative styles like these “Dickey Jackets” – you can have a layered look without the bulk. This dreamy tan is a fabulous wardrobe addition for elegant seasonal dressing. To shop the entire line of jackets, click here.

Veronica Beard

The recipient of this showcase event is one familiar to riders, The Kevin Babington Foundation. In late August 2019 Kevin suffered a complete spinal cord injury after a fall during the 2019 Grand Prix at the Hampton Classic Horse Show. As a result of his injuries, Kevin established the foundation to provide support and education to riders who have sustained spinal cord injuries.

Kevin Babington Foundation

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