Shopping for something special for Valentine’s Day for a loved one (or yourself)? Allow us to suggest the timelessly luxurious designs by Reinstein Ross Goldsmiths.

Reinstein Ross Jewelry bracelets

Playful and evocative, the Greek Eye or Mati safe guards against evil spells. The symbol dates to ancient Greece when it was believe that on could suffer a spate of bad luck from the evil stare of an adversary.

Reinstein Ross Necklaces

RR has recently opened a pop-up on Madison Avenue, just in time for the Valentine’s gifting and receiving. Want to drop a hint to your significants other? Just forward the link and see what wonderful treaures appear – Reinstein Ross.

Reinstein Ross Pop Up Madison Avenue
Reinstein Ross Broach
Cameos have cast their romantic charms through the ages.
Reinstein Ross Pop Up Boutique on Madison Avenue.
The Madison Avenue Pop Up

Hilary and I were invited to a peek behind the scenes at Reinstein Ross Goldsmiths in the Meatpacking District before they moved uptown.

Karen Klopp, Hilary Dick at Reinstein Ross Jewelry.

We were delighted to meet the Goldsmith Judith as she set about working on a new piece. The gold is custom-alloyed, hand-fabricated and set with rare gemstones of exceptional vibrancy and color. Since their inception in 1985, the made-in-New York brand has been committed to artisanal craftsmanship.

Goldsmith at Reinstein Ross

Reinstein Ross Goldsmiths

Tools of the trade

We couldn’t resist picking a few the exceptional pieces for our wish list, including several drawing inspirations from past cultures. Intaglios are created by etching into the surface of the stone, they date back centuries to a practical purpose, imprinting a wax seal to identify the sender and avoid dastardly message tampering. Cameos present a raised relief image carved from one material and also have ancient origins of a more decorative nature, either worn as jewelry or admired as miniature works of art.

KK & Hilary Wish List

Reinstein Ross Jewelry

What we love about Reinstein Ross is the range of possibilities and styles – from a chic pair of hoops, rings and pendants for everyday, to a fantastic collection of statement pieces. And all are Made in New York with creativity and care. Hilary and I thank our friend, Kimberly Flaster for reintroducing us to of this iconic brand so perfect for our modern lifestyles.

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