US Open

The 2014 US Open Tennis Championships  running this year from August 25 – September 8 , is sure to bring not just talk of the game, but talk of the style spectators and players alike will be sporting. And of course, what screams tennis more than the classic styles of Ralph Lauren. With bright summer colors and classic blues and whites, this year’s Tennis Collection is sure to wow the crowd.   See the following links for a Full Schedule of Play, as well as TV Schedules and to Purchase Tickets.

Am I the only one who fantasizes about being a ball girl at the US Open Tennis?  Standing court-side, at attention, in an awesome ensemble by Polo Ralph Lauren, the Official Outfitter of the US Open, without having to break a sweat.  I find such a thrill in watching this athletically challenging, and aesthetically pleasing sport.  Imagine being on the court, close to all the action and all the hunks, oops, I mean all the greats of the tennis.  Novak, Roger, Andy.  Of course, we would be on first-name basis, spending soooo much quality time together.   Well I may have missed the tryouts this year, but a girl can aspire.

Be a Ball Girl


See all the looks for the US Open on  Ralph Lauren Tennis

Like Whites?  Choose Chic & Classic or High Style

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